How long is each session?

Each session is typically 50 minutes in length

Do you see clients virtually?

Yes, I see clients both in-person and over Telehealth. For virtual sessions, I use Google Meet, a HIPAA compliant platform. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, credit/debit card, and HSA accounts

What can I expect for the consultation call?

These calls are roughly 10-15 minutes in length. During the call, we'll spend some time discussing what you're wanting to address in therapy, I'll tell you a little bit about how I practice, and I'll answer any questions that you may have. If we both feel like it's a good fit, then we can proceed in getting something scheduled!

What happens if I reach out and your schedule is full?

A few things! I can add you to my waitlist and notify you once an opening becomes available, or I can give you referrals to other therapists in the area who I recommend. 

How long can I expect to be in therapy with you?

That's a good question - The answer is that it depends! I practice depth psychology, which is more of a long-term approach to therapy, as our work is focused on healing core wounds instead of just putting a metaphorical bandage on them. Plus, I firmly believe that growth is a lifelong process, so I'm sure there can and always will be more for us to discover! It just depends on when you feel truly content and satisfied with our work, which I hope is a conversation that we can have together. 

Why should I work with you?

Ha, another good question. I don't know if I can totally answer that question for you as everyone is different, but if you're looking for a tattooed therapist who occassionally cusses, regularly uses humor in her work, and is unapologetically human, then I'd say that we might be a good fit. ;-)

So I heard you have chocolate in your office, what's up with that?

Well, chocolate has been known for improving brain functioning and mood, reducing stress, and just promoting overall deliciousness. So, as a tribute to my favorite treat and as a little something sweet for my clients, I make sure to keep a jar of chocolates in my office full at all times.