Impression Psychotherapy is a attachment-based, systems-focused, experiential, queer-affirming, sex-positive therapy practice, providing a safe space for those looking to remodel their intrapersonal communication and repair their interpersonal wounding.

Heather Nitzki (she/her), Owner of Impression Psychotherapy,  is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Michigan and her office is located in Grand Rapids, MI. Heather specializes in working with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. You can learn more about her here.

"I am a mosaic of everyone that I've ever loved, even for a heartbeat"

Here at Impression Psychotherapy, we believe that each of the meaningful relationships in our lives leave an impression on us. That means that safe, supportive relationships can make a positive impact on us and psyche, while harmful relational experiences can create a painful, long-lasting mark.

Impression Psychotherapy focuses on highlighting the impressions that others have made on you throughout your life, while exploring how your past experiences may have created unwanted, unconscious, protective coping mechanisms that are now preventing you from feeling the way that you want to feel and living the life that you want to live. We will collaborate together to find relief to painful, unresolved relational encounters that may have been made along the way in your journey by bringing them to light & guiding them towards healing. 

Happiness and healing are right around the corner, you just need to take the first step.

Trust me, you deserve it. 

Impression Psychotherapy holds in-person sessions at:

5060 Cascade Rd SE, Suite D

Grand Rapids, MI 49546



(616) 920-0113


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